How To Find A Reputable House Cleaner Or Janitorial Service

How To Find A Reputable House Cleaner   by Doug Snyder

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You can never be too careful when looking for a quality, professional Residential Cleaning Service. Here are a few excellent and relatively easy steps to help ensure your family remains safe and you get the Housekeeping Service you want and need.


Get Proof of Insurance:

It's easy to get proof of insurance -- simply ask the house cleaning service to have their insurance company fax or mail you a copy of their certificate of insurance. Every reputable cleaning company will be happy to provide proof of insurance. Enjoy peace of mind every time your home is cleaned. Choose a cleaning company that has insurance to protect you and your home in case of damage to your property or injury to the house cleaners while they are on your property.

Ask For References:

Ask the House Cleaning Service to provide you with at least three references of customers they are currently cleaning for. Then; CALL THEM. EACH ONE. Ask the people questions like; "Are they reliable, courteous, and do they do what they say they are going to do?" Find out how long they have been working in the various homes. Ask as many questions as you need to in order to satisfy your own sense of well-being before hiring your maid service.

Check Out The Company's Website:

First, make sure they have taken the time and devoted the necessary resources to obtaining a presence on-line. I would not even consider a company that hasn't. You would be amazed at how many janitorial services and house cleaning services are operating out of the trunk of their car; with no insurance, no business license, and no recourse for YOU, the Homeowner-in the event of an accident of some kind while they are in your home.
At the same time, check out the rest of their website. Look for Customer Comments, Testimonials and whatever else you can learn about the company. Find out what kind of extra services they may offer, like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, floor care, upholstery cleaning, janitorial service, office cleaning, etc. In short, you can learn a lot about a company by looking into their Website!

Company Policies:

Be sure to ask about things like Employee Background Checks, Drug Screening Policies, etc. Find out what the company's Employee Training Program consists of. Do they even have one? Do they offer a Customer Guarantee? What Methods of Payment do they accept? Are you required to sign any kind of Contract?
Ask as many questions as you need to in order to satisfy any uneasiness you might have about having a new house cleaner in your home and around all your private stuff.. not to mention your most valued possessions- your family themselves!
Happy House Cleaning!

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